Let us introduce ourselves

Avon Moss are venture capitalists who specialise in raising property development finance for some of the world’s most contemporary property developers while at the same time financing their own projects.

We offer an investment forum driven by knowledge and expertise, capable of managing the expectations of serious individuals who demand the very best results available.

Who we are

Avon Moss is a Collaborative Property Development group, partnered with property experts and Developers with a niche in Property Development. This focus allows us to offer the average Property Investor the full benefits available from property development opportunities, previously restricted to Developers and Wholesale Property Investors.

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What we do

Avon Moss is at the forefront of changing the traditionally held concepts within the Property Investment market. Our collaborative partnerships with Developers and property experts enables the private property investor new opportunities to invest in both land, property, and new build constructions worldwide.

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How we do it

For investors, the predictable rise in property prices has enabled many to profit substantially. The value of property as an investment vehicle is evident in the continued rise of global property prices over the past 10 years. At Avon Moss, we conduct the correct research and dedicate investment focus to ensure property is that one investment area where our clients can succeed.

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