Avon Moss are at the forefront of changing the way to invest in the Property market

Who we are

Real Estate and Property Development is widely regarded by many as one of the safest and most predictable forms of investment available. Property Investment has a long history of proven performance and double digit returns; property therefore is considered by many as a cornerstone for investment, with the ability to provide long term reliable performance.


For investors, the predictable rise in property prices has enabled many to profit substantially. The value of property as an investment vehicle is evident in the continued rise of global property prices over the past 10 years. At Avon Moss, we conduct the correct research and dedicate investment focus to ensure property is that one investment area where our clients can succeed. However, property investment traditionally has always been a two tier market with those at the top (Developers and real estate professionals) taking the lions share of the profits with lower tier individuals, typically investors, they are left to purchase retail property and wait for longer term capital growth.


Avon Moss is at the forefront of changing these traditionally held concepts within the Property Investment market. Our collaborative partnerships with Developers and property experts enables the private property investor new opportunities to invest in both land, property, and new build constructions.


“Robert Morelli and his team are absolute geniuses. I am extremely happy with their personal style management service. They deliver what they say and think outside the box“ – Russell Matthews
Russell Matthews, Sigmata Property
“Originally my interests lay with property which I could manage and care for myself. I am so thankful for the knowledge and reassurance I gained through my conversations with Avon Moss and my advisor Mr Davis especially. To create such gains through a project managed by your company with very little input on my part has been incredibly rewarding. I am more than happy to increase my portfolio with you, knowing that my advisors are there to ensure all my interests are fulfilled.” – James Giocolano
James Giocolano