We focus on securing the funding for high-yielding, diverse properties in vibrant prime locations with our unique end-to-end, in-house service, saving our client’s time and money

A Secure Investment

We take full advantage of the unrivalled opportunities within the super prime property market for mid to long term profitable investments. Global market statistics show that super prime property consistently outperforms all other investment classes as well as withstanding market turbulence and economic and political fluctuations. Generating returns of 13%+, super prime property produces reliable income and long term capital growth, making it ideal as part of a pension plan, long term saving strategy and legacy planning.

Our Goals

  • To achieve continuing success within the prime and super prime property markets.

  • To build high yielding client portfolios while ensuring the longevity of our working relationship.

  • To continue to recognise the ever changing needs of each client through tailored management.

  • To demonstrate that through working with a team of passionate experts, the world of prime and super prime property is open and accessible to serious individuals who deserve the very best return on their investment.

The Avon Moss Difference

We believe no two investments opportunities are the same, and so we don’t treat them as such. Here at Avon Moss, we pride ourselves in our tailored management of investments and ongoing relationships with our clients.

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