Avon Moss leads the way in raising capital for corporate property development ventures globally.

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What we do

For the first time through our teams collaborations, Avon Moss is working alongside some of the most respected Property Developers and expert Investors in the market. This strategy enables Avon Moss to offer our clients the opportunity of investing into property and development projects at a wholesale and/or pre-development price point.

Avon Moss is a Collaborative Property Development group, partnered with property experts and Developers with a niche in Property Development. This focus allows us to offer the average Property Investor the full benefits available from property development opportunities, previously restricted to Developers and Wholesale Property Investors. As such, we are able to offer our clients the opportunity to get involved at ground level in the construction of major developments globally.

Financing to start construction is raised from the sale of Property Unit/s to Investors. The Investors retain title to those Property Unit/s until they are redeemed by the Developer at a pre-agreed and fixed rate.

This offers the investor a clear and defined exit strategy, through the purchase of Property Unit/s through Avon Moss and eventual sale of those Property Unit/s at a pre-agreed rate to the developer.